Multimedia event brought music, film, and photography to #NBOG14

OTTAWA, Ontario — 21 September 2014 — Bytowne citizens and national artists Brian Cauley and Andrea Wrobel, supported by the Ottawa International Film Festival, brought “LOOK UP: art stars and harmony” to the 2014 Nuit Blanche Ottawa-Gatineu chapter on Saturday, September 20, 2014.
“LOOK UP: art stars and harmony” is a multidisciplinary showcase of visual work by Brian Cauley, paired with music from the bluegrass trio Huntley Slim and the Suburban Cowboys and solo acoustic act Sean Shark.
Cauley’s newest photography project, LOOK UP, is a collection of images of people on their mobile phones in public. LOOK UP begs viewers to examine their relationship with technology and ask how they’re experiencing their own, sublime surroundings. Like many cinematic stories, Cauley’s images are projected onto a blank brick wall inspiring audiences to reflect on their own modern day romances. The sequences of images in LOOK UP reflect a quiet yet filmic experience as we look up at the larger picture, both physically and metaphorically.
The evening also features talented musicians and DJs that may just be our very own neighbours, offering a soundtrack to the star gazing that will surely take place! Being in the Ottawa City Hall courtyard, we also invite guests to re-visit the animated doors and windows by Urban Keois that have invaded the private and public space since 1995. “LOOK UP: art stars and harmony” hopes to shed a new and homely perspective on the sidewalks we walk every day.
“LOOK UP: art stars and harmony” would not be possible without the support of passionate artists and the Ottawa International Film Festival. With a mandate to encourage community growth, OIFF encourages audiences to celebrate and explore NUIT BLANCHE and the upcoming Ottawa International Film Festival between October 15-19, 2014.
Curator Andrea Wrobel: @andrea_wasandreawrobel.com
Artist Brian Cauley: @briancauleybriancauley.ca / lookupproject.ca
Musicians Huntley Slim and the Suburban Cowboys: bandcamp (FREE album download!)
Musician Sean Shark: Facebook

 Event Photos

 From OIFF’s Executive Director, Nina Bains

“I would like to extend my deepest heartfelt thank you to everyone involved and for your support of The Ottawa International Film Festival and Featured Artists Brian Cauley & Andrea Wrobel for their installation called LOOK UP.
LOOK UP, a multimedia installation, was coupled with two musical artists (Huntley Slim and the Suburban Cowboys & Sean Shark) who performed while the installation was projected on to the Provincial Court exterior wall. It came together and looked phenomenal and the image quality was superb (thank you to our projectionists Markus and Dinos!).
A huge thank you to Bridgehead Coffee who sponsored our evening and made it possible for us to offer hot coffee to pedestrians and Nuit Blanche Ottawa Gatineau participants who passed through the Mayor’s Courtyard. We were able to draw in over 200 pedestrians visit us in a mere two hour period.
We received a very positive response from the community.  Thank you to everyone who was involved in this great project.  Stay tuned as we are already planning for next year!”

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