INSIDE ME – A Literary Zine for Mental Health Arts


If there’s something inside you — a will energy idea raging thought perspective a whole other person being animal entity that no one else has ever met — write it down. If it comes gushing out painfully incoherently all over the place the page the walls the white full of love or not or so neatly spaced aligned altogether perfectly placed or so similar unfamiliar ordinary to your outside self or so secretive foreign strange you don’t even want to put your real name on it — write it down. If it has punctuation no grammar non-English words made up is about space life living dying breathing being just letting the seconds tick by speeding — write it down. If it happens inside you and you can’t explain it or you can or you’ve never tried never faced it or if you know it so well you could spend hours detailing every small insignificant massive little part of it — write it down. If it has truth and is helpful in any way whatsoever — write it down.

And then share it let it go let it out mingle play be printed on a piece of paper and sent mailed given left for someone else to read — this is our zine: INSIDE ME.

► Call for Submissions

INSIDE ME is a collaborative zine project exploring mental health through literary practice.

This is a collaboration — a collaboration between you them me writers artists editors people breathing being trying to understand the inside hidden hiding parts of ourselves that we know so well or have never met yet.

We accept short fiction poetry screenplay memoir essay non-fiction stream of consciousness journalling free form experimental and anything else using words to express your POV experience understanding of what happens on the inside / mental health.

Up to 2000 words.

You must own all rights to the work you submit.

INSIDE ME is an inclusive zine and a safe space for all literary exploration. We encourage work that reflects the inner-workings and effect of living and/or experiencing mental health in its truest form, as defined by the author. We accept and love all beings and are inclusive of all genders, non-binary identities, dis/abilities, shapes, sizes, ages, races, sexes, religions, forms, and/or identities. We welcome and encourage work from all perspectives.

► Deadline

The next deadline for submissions is March 31st, 2017 at midnight EST.

► All Artists, Editors, Readers and Aspiring Any-Of-The-Aforementioned

Not a writer?

Editors avid readers grammar fans and/or illustrators comic book artists drawers doodlers photographers aspiring any of the aforementioned? Let us know via the form below. We’ll give you a volume to illustrate or edit and then type your name on the cover. No experience necessary, just interest to do good, collaborative work.

► Gratitude

By supporting this zine, you support its artists, mental wellness, and our beautiful planet earth. Here’s how:

$1 to — We are so grateful for the trees used to create this zine and the envelopes used to mail it to you that your $1 will help reforest the planet.

50% of remaining profits will be divided between the artists, and

50% of remaining profits will be donated to Workman Arts — an arts and mental health organization empowering aspiring, emerging and established artists with mental illness and addiction to create and expand their practice.

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► Submit

Please submit via the form below or this link.