Artist Statement

In this persistent and consistently connected world I am wholly interested in the ways in which we choose to communicate with and ignore one another. My work explores how we revel in our conceptual beliefs and ideas and how we reveal ourselves to those around us. How easy it is for our deepest thoughts to get lost in the surface experiences thrust down our throats by the corporate hands of modern technology; the modern technology that we, ourselves, create.

Through creative non-fiction, poetry, self-portraiture, and story building, I dissect my own technologically-driven lifestyle absent of age while encouraging a discourse on its relativity to others. I want to bridge the gap between the child I once was, the person I am now, and the who or what I will morph in to.

My aim is to encourage others to question the spoon-fed practices and routines we accept with open arms; to challenge the ways they force connection with the concrete world over the natural one. Using time as a progressor, my work will mold into various shapes dependent on emotional landscape and perspective; how far I can move away from the common exterior presence of the people to the interior – the more intimate – among such a suffocating social system.

© Andrea Wrobel, June 2014


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