Andrea is a writer living in Toronto, Ontario. A self-proclaimed pupil of the Canadian film and television industry, Andrea has developed her own voice by working alongside the inspiring voices of a contemporary Canada creative landscape – those like Lynn Coady, Don McKellar, Susan Coyne, Mark McKinney, Bob Martin, Matt Watts, Miriam Toews, and Kim Cattrall.

Andrea is bringing her own independently-produced projects to light as a writer and producer with her startup A Space Films, a company she launched in 2014 after working in the industry for 6 years and yearning to tell very specific stories with accessible technologies. She currently has a doc series call The Peakbaggers and handful of shorts in her pocket. Through her company she also works as a writing assistant and story coordinator which she’s been successfully freelancing as for 4 years now. Some of her work is outlined on her IMDb.

Andrea is a published short story writer and is currently working to complete her first novel. You can read a short story of hers called “Eraser” here; this one was published in Broken Pencil Magazine’s Spring 2014 issue. Andrea’s also been published in Toronto’s Static Zine, Ottawa’s Bywords Magazine and The Charlatan, Vancouver’s Mandalit, along with many smaller one-off publications and blogs like Offbeat Bride.

Andrea’s short film script was recently accepted into FEM Script Lab‘s January 2017 workshop, and her novel received a small development grant from CUE for the 2016-2017 winter season. And was also accepted into Artscape Gibraltor Point‘s Self-Directed Artist Residency program for both aforementioned works, and to Outdoor Studio’s Rouge Park Camping Trip for the creation of a new zine, If A Tree Falls.

In her downtime, Andrea runs a blog called #BrewHaikus, craft beer reviews in haiku form; and self-publishes a new zine founded on literature for mental health arts called Inside Me.

Andrea dabbles with identity and place and is often the subject of her own work. You can watch Andrea’s experimental short Skeleton Grl here, a piece she made after accidentally giving herself a concussion; this piece was part of a group art show at The Bloor Cinema in early 2015. Andrea also had a photo series of self-portraits displayed in a group art show at Black Cat Gallery in December 2014. The photos were linked to a prose piece via QR code that you can read on her blog: Annex.

Andrea lives with her two cats in Toronto, Ontario.

Get social with Andrea: twitter and instagram.

A list of Andrea’s available/published work:


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