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Up – An Island Film [VIDEO]

A glorious week of letting thoughts and actions occur and then meditating on their meanings; a break from writing to explore thoughts and energy.

This is an autobiographical film, filmed and edited during my week at Artscape Gibraltar Point. It exists as a representation of mind, body, breath; a study of self, the way we use our bodies to tell stories, create adventures, and interact with the space surrounding us.

In gratitude for time, space, and energy.

Thank you to Tiny Ritual for creating such beautiful beeswax intention candles.


One thought on “Up – An Island Film [VIDEO]

  1. I love, love, love this film.
    I see the waves as your breath.
    The sunsets and sunrises made me think that although they were so similar they were also distinctly unique. I immediately thought, thats like each day. Sometimes each day can seem so similar and monotonous but if we take the time to look closer each day is distinctly unique as well. We just need to be reminded to take the time to notice it.
    The song selection couldn’t have been better either.
    Thank you for making this and sharing it!

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