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How Winter Isolation Affected Me In A Shockingly Negative Way (& When I Healed It Became Positive)

I can’t explain to you what I felt like before and how much that has changed in the span of two days… and feel confident that you would truly understand it. The feeling of being close to death and at the mercy of nature based on one word – potential – is an inexplicable one. I packed my socks, bags, bandages, bear spray… we were as prepared as we thought we might need to be, but nothing could prepare us for the adrenaline, the fear of the unknown, the misdirection, the isolation, the unelected anxiety and its effect on our body days later… No one could prepare us for this epic and isolated Northern Ontario adventure.

Without giving too much away, we sure did go on a ride. We are eager to tell our story of Ishpatina and to release Episode 1 of this web series we’re knee deep in. Going from idea to action is one of the most thrilling steps I’ve ever taken. And how easy is this to do? It’s fairly easy, I promise.

Cast aside fear of the unknown and embrace the adrenaline that comes with taking the first step – big or small. You must.

Our Ishpatina mentor, brought to us by our own tiny steps, said something profound and merely in passing while we were out there in the cold. He said, “The only thing that’ll kill you out there is you.” It’s all in your head, he explained. Whether you make it to the top or not is up to you.


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