Short Films

DUST: an experimental super-8 film [vid]

In 2009 I took a super-8 filmmaking course at the Independent Filmmakers Co-op of Ottawa, otherwise known as IFCO. Lead by Pixie Cram, a stand alone inspiration and visionary in her own right, I made the below film. At the time I was taking an experimental film course at Carleton and was profoundly struck by some of the work I was watching; simple, reflective, and yet so self-identifyingly complicated, I yearned and still do to create work that reflects a mood difficult to translate onto screen.

I am a big fan of this format. This is my first experimental film:

I was given a couple rolls of colour and a couple rolls of black and white film. I didn’t have much money having splurged on the course itself so the film supply I had was valuable. If I messed this up I’d have to buy more, and I didn’t want to. I remember not been too pleased, either, that I had both colour and black and white footage, and pondered what to do with it. An accident, I thought, would work.

I shot this film when my mom visited for the weekend, and brought her car. We drove to Gatineau and shot the roads there; the rest in David’s apartment.

All the sound was cut together by David under my scrutinous direction, and him, myself, and my friend Erin used basic Garageband drum lines and items in his apartment to create the sound effects; things like stomping our feet hard against the hardwood floor, pulling the string on a lamp to turn it on and off, shaking tic tacs, inhaling and exhaling loudly, flipping through books… We laughed a lot during this. I remember having a lot of fun. “This is what I want to do,” I remember thinking, and feeling. “All the time.” I wanted to do this all the time. How I would ever afford film, I didn’t know.


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