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Review: Michael Rault and listening to last summer

Photo courtesy of Pirates Blend Records

Photo courtesy of Pirates Blend Records


I saw Michael Rault play at the Garrison last night for a free NXNE artist showcase and my ears rejoiced. What the heck is this? I thought, as my head tilted and I peered at the stage like a puppy wondering if they’d feed me human food. I felt a sense of nostalgia and a palpable presence all at once and I was completely caught off guard. I’ve been to a handful of local shows lately and none have left me as inspired and reflective as this one. Finally, I thought. Music that makes me want to listen. 

Rault’s live show was like taking Kurt Vile‘s open road riffs, the Beatles non-album singles like “She Loves You” and “I Feel Fine,” and what I would imagine James Franco to be like if he played great music instead of acting in mediocre movies. Blend them together and you get a sentimental, memorable sound that is the essence of Rault’s music.

Not leaving my James Franco reference to hang in the air, I recently saw a video of Franco and incredible artist Marina Abramovic discussing the need to create, regardless of the outcome.  It seems to me that Rault’s musical execution is totally organic; an emittance of his soul. In his case, the outcome is grandiosely good. An Edmonton transplant, the artist just released a new track called Too Bad So Sad on January 24 with Toronto’s Pirates Blend Records.  Give it a listen below. It’s makes me feel like last summer every time. Always last summer:

Allusions aside, this music makes me feel that, if I were to close my eyes, the world would melt away. Rault’s set made me homesick for a time I am happy I’ve grown out of. His songs are love ballads for the modern soloist; for those moments when you want to bask in everything that once was without feeling like you’re falling off your feet. Here’s another one that will make your heart tingle:

I feel like Buddy Holly would fans would dig this shit.

Rault’s pop rock sound is straight from the 1950’s though not exclusive to the decade. Bluesy and bright, I could listen to this if the sun were out and I was under it, or even if I wished it were. I’ve never dedicated a song to anyone, so I’m going to go ahead and cross that off my list. This one goes out to anyone reading this who’s in need of a little loving:

I suggest you throw on Rault when you’re making pancakes in your pajamas or having a living room dance with your honey: the rest of Rault’s Whirlpool is here. I’m going to dance to “She’ll Cut You Down” with my cats now, if they’ll have me (this one’s off Rault’s debut EP Ma-Me-O, below):


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